This series of poster prints will feature a variety of different illustration styles and techniques, celebrating the unique visual style of classic motorized vehicles, vintage and historic motorsport, and other associated transportation areas of interest.

The three automobiles pictured in 60′s American Heavy Metal are a 1965 Buick Electra (top), described in the sales brochure as “It’s big, it’s sleek, and it rides like a dream,” a 1968 Ford Thunderbird (centre),“Thunder for sale: 2 doors or 4,” and a 1967 Mercury Cyclone GT (bottom), “Delivers go that can shove you right back into your bucket seat.”
Rallye Monte Carlo features a classic Mini Cooper from 1965, together with custom type to reflect the period.
Motorsport Heroes celebrates iconic racing cars and legendary drivers from various international motorsports.
Prints and T-shirts available to purchase from Society6.
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